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Improving global access to quality prosthetic care through innovative and user-centric prosthetic designs
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The RightFit Prosthetics Initiative
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States
Manufacturing / Engineering / Design

We are two prosthetic and orthotic master's students at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and through our combined clinical experience in the U.S. and abroad, we have seen the vast need for better prosthetic devices in low-resource settings. 

Gary Wall is a certified pedorthist and orthotic fitter, currently pursuing his M.S. in Prosthetics and Orthotics at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). He received his B.A. in Global Health from Mercer University in 2014. During his tenure there, he travelled to Vietnam four times with Mercer on Mission, where he fit and fabricated lower-limb prostheses. 

Rochelle Dumm received her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2014. She became interested in the field of prosthetics through a design course, where she and her team developed a low-cost fabrication method for an adjustable prosthetic socket. After travelling to Guatemala for a field study with the socket project, she decided to shift her focus from orthopedics to prosthetics and orthotics and is now pursuing her M.S. in Prosthetics and Orthotics at Georgia Tech. 

It’s estimated that 33 million people worldwide have a lower-extremity amputation, 73% of which live in low-resource settings. Many organizations are providing low-cost prosthetic components, but at least half of these prosthetic feet will need to be replaced after just 18 months because they are not able to withstand the environmental conditions and high level of daily use.

As a solution, we've developed the Fuji Foot, a low-cost, energy-storing prosthetic foot with multi-axial capabilities that is flexible enough to accommodate rough terrain but also durable enough to withstand high levels of activity.

The Fuji foot features a split heel and keel for stability by providing inversion/eversion throughout stance phase. The double-c ankle provides some shock absorption and energy storage as well as midstance support. The full-length toe provides leverage during late stance and protects the foot shell from premature wear. The Fuji Foot is also compatible with a standard SACH pyramid. The foot, adapters, protective cover, and water-proofing foam all come in the Fuji Foot Kit for $50USD. 

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