Dalberg Market Study Report

Dalberg Global Development Advisors, partners of the Enable Makeathon, conducted a market study on the rural disability market uniquely for the Enable Makeathon.

The report includes:

  • Statistics on disability for India and around the world
  • Overview of existing solutions including quality and price estimates
  • Indications on market potential

The report shall give participatory teams guidance on the existing market and market potential.

Download the full market study report here.


Discover the 9 Challenges that we are addressing with the Enable Makeathon. We are addressing 9 Challenges in three categories:

  • Improving the individual autonomy of people with disabilities
  • Improving the access and quality of physical rehabilitation services
  • The Open Challenge: Adaptation and use of new technologies

Learn more here about the 9 Challenges.

Design Guide

We are looking for solutions in the form of products (hardware) or a combination of hardware and software. Most importantly, they shall be appropriate for rural, low resource contexts around the world.

Specific Design Parameters shall guide you in the development of your solution.

Learn more about the 9 design parameters in our Design Guide.