The Jury Process: Identifying the Challenges

07 - Aug - 2017

The Enable Makeathon team constituted a 6-member jury for the challenge selection phase of the Makeathon. This team will be responsible for identifying 12 challenges from among over 120 that were proposed either through the Idea Box – an online questionnaire, the institutional survey that was distributed to organizations working on disability issues, and the field research that was carried out by V-shesh and the ICRC’s Physical Rehabilitation Programme in India and a priority list of assistive devices identified by the World Health Organization. This a two-step process, the first step will include 6 persons with disabilities, chosen on the criteria that they are from the bottom of the pyramid, to decide on their priorities. The second step will include the 6 jury members.  In this inclusive process, the goal is for the jury to decided on challenges under the two broad themes of accessibility and employability.

My heart sank when I learned that he had the same leg disability as me when he was born. I cried for days about this…I wasn’t aware of the name or details of my condition until recently, neither were my parents. So I had spent my whole life as a PwD and had never gotten surgery or treatment” – Ghirija, a mother with clubfoot condition while speaking on access to information.

The six members represent persons with disability, the International Committee of the Red Cross/International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (ICRC/IFRC), Global Disability Innovation (GDI) Hub in London, and the Indian National Institute for Persons with Multiple Disabilities.

The jury members are:

  • Ms. Deepa Narsimhan, Head of Diversity and Inclusion in DELL EMC Asia Pacific Japan Region based in Bangalore.
  • Ms. Dipendra Manocha, Founder of Saksham Trust in Delhi.
  • Mr. A.S Narayanan, President of National Association of the Deaf.
  • Mr.Deviji Buchiya (IFRC).
  • Dr. Himangshu Das, Director of the National Institute for Persons with Multiple Disabilities.
  • Dr. Catherine Holloway, Academic Director and Co-Founder of the Global Disability Innovation Hub.

The jury will decide on the challenges by the 12th of August and the call for application will follow soon after, on the 16th of the same month.