Application phase

There is one application form for the Enable Makeathon 2, this covers both London and Bangalore. The location of the co-creation camp (for successful applicants) will be dependant on the idea proposed and which location can best support the project.

The application process will be open from the 23rd of August and remain open till the 17th of September. We will close the first phase of the application process on the 10th of September when we will select 40% of teams that will make it to the interview stage, so apply early to have a better chance.

Early entries that are chosen will be informed by the 30th of September, the rest by the 30th of October. The last 40 applicants will be interviewed by a panel of judges, to make the final decision on who will be chosen for the co- creation event and beyond.

We have planned the co-creation event for 15 teams, but this number may vary upwards depending on quality.

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As we are selecting teams, we are taking into consideration the gaps and the needs of each team. Mentors will have specific skills that reflect the needs of the teams. We will be assessing the skills needed after reviewing the applications. Please send us an e-mail at info@enablemakeathon.org to tell us more about yourself.

Teams and individuals will be allocated locations once the applications have been processed. Entries close in September, we expect to be able to let applicants know in October.

Yes, The organisers will provide a letter of introduction and pay for visa expenses, but participants will have to obtain their own visas.

There will be 15 teams selected out of all the applications to join the co-creation day.

Teams will be mentors and organizers will be working for a period of 15 days. Out of the 15 teams, 10 will be selected to join the next phase.

There are three grant winners but a total of 8 teams will have their products incubated in India and 2 teams in the UK.

There are three winners in the Enable Makeathon. The first winner receives a prize of 25,000 USD. The second winner receives 15,000 USD and the third winner receives 10,000 USD. All three winner will also have their products incubated.

We have planned for a total of 8-10 products to be incubated, 6-8 in India and 2 in the UK.

The first 3 teams will win prizes of USD 25,000. USD 15,000 and USD 10,000 and be offered incubation. In addition upto 7 other teams will be offered incubation.

- No, this is a part-time program that can be taken up along with your current work in your job/college/startup, etc. A majority of the activities will be held on weekends or weekday evenings. Teams must however be free to join the co-creation camps that will take place in Bangalore and London from the 5th to the 20th of December. They do not have to remain at these locations all the time, but are expected to spend a significant time at the event.

- No, this is not an internship. This is a programme to help build solution prototypes that can improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities.

- Yes. Please submit a separate form for each idea.

- Yes. Travel budgets will be available for people coming to Bangalore from other cities for this event as per the policies outlined.

- While a team larger than 5 is not advisable, we understand that some solutions may require multiple skills that are unlikely to be covered by only 5 people. In such cases, please write to us at info@enabemakeathon.org and we’ll try to accommodate your requirements. Note that the budget per team will stay the same irrespective of any increase or decrease in team size.

Yes, we ask you to tackle one of the 12 Enable Challenges.

Yes, it is. Generally, we are looking for solutions that answer to a specific need and will find a certain (high) level of demand among persons with disabilities living in rural India or abroad. If that is the case, you are very welcome to work on a specific disability and submit your application accordingly.

Yes, our program will fund your travels and accommodation during the co-creation camp in India and the UK.